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Alexandria King

Alexandria King

Alexandria is a published author of the book, "The Moon in You: A Period Love Book for Girls". She is a profoundly deep healer that embodies the divine feminine. She was also the founder of Lover magazine, a women's sexuality magazine and is in the process of writing a second book along with creating an online course to accompany her first book.

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Moon Mothers

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Womb Clearing: an Initiation Ceremony

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Alexandria King is a writer and spiritual counsellor living on Salt Spring Island, Canada. Her book, “The Moon in You: A Period Love Book for Girls” is a celebration of periods for pre-teen girls, connecting female bodies to the changing cycles of nature. Alexandria created Lover, Canada's first women's sexuality magazine. She was a contributor to Yo’ Mama magazine, a publication created by and for teen moms. Alexandria recently published her poetry anthology, “Mother of all Ages”. Her work decolonizes menstruation as she has owned and worked toward healing and teaching about her own ancestral and sexual trauma. She is currently creating online courses with her daughter Giselle to accompany “The Moon in You”.

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