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Cindi Berg

Cindi Berg

Being a big picture thinker, Cindi has spent 40 years owning and operating several businesses. She is self taught, created jobs and opportunities for hundreds of people in her community and continues today. Cindi is a hands on person and works along side of all of her people with the mantra "Get R Done". Today her plans are big as ever as she continues to co-create another property into an Enchanted Forest filled with Fairies and Gnomes so people can live the experience she lives daily. She will teach how to live the cycle of the Natural World and how to appreciate your ancestors who came to this land, who broke the land, grew food for their large families, helped their neighbors and built communities based on trust and faith.

Entrepreneur | Mentor | Spiritual Seeker |
Cindi Berg Enterprises Inc.

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An Introduction to Clearing Your Space

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She has a strong decision making presence and will be able to give you guidance your will need to organize your household or business. Cindi's fun loving nature will make you feel comfortable right away. Her life long love of photography, enlivening energy work, tarot, astrology and vision boards will make your journey easy and fun!

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