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Dave Shepp

Dave Shepp

Your dreams are as important to me as they are to you. I help people find their life's purpose and use a variety of coaching and healing styles to help find light seekers who want to become light workers. I also provide business consulting that helps small business owners increase profits and grow their business.

Life Coach | Reiki Teacher | Crystal Healer
Dave of the Flames

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I have been a Life Coach, Business Coach, and Healer for many years. My clients often report being seen in a way that they have not experienced before. This deep insight and feedback supports true and deep transformation that is experienced by all of those around you. It's real, and it works. I help people transform their relationships, increase their self love, get businesses off of the ground and increase profits 2-5 times during their time working with me. I have been very successful and creating a results oriented coaching and healing style.

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