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Jessica Sanchez - Harper

Jessica Sanchez - Harper

Licensed Massage Therapist | Reiki Master | Lightworker - Jessica works on the body and the soul. When receiving hands on work from Jessica, her clients receive healing as well. As a spiritual teacher, Jessica is empowering the disempowered and carefully guides you to the highest expression of the self.

Massage Therapist | Healer
Empaths Save the World

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Jessica had her first official introduction to meditation when she was 15, and it sparked a lifetime of love and study of consciousness and the human energy field. After completing her undergraduate degree, she decided to delve into the hands-on-work of massage therapy. She quickly discovered a deep passion for the point where the spiritual meets the physical, and this has fueled her life path ever since. She has focused her work on merging energy work and meditation into her massage sessions, with an emphasis on educating people how to engage their own energy the way they do their mental and physical health.

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