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Maria Nagy

Maria Nagy

Maria is a certified Red Tent facilitator, DCZ® operator, Coach and Teacher. Maria helps people reconnect to their true self through unshackling from the inherited and societal beliefs that hold us captive. Alongside her coaching programs, Maria runs regular women's circles and is passionate about empowering others to take up space and make authentic connections without fear or apology.

Facilitator | Founder
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Working with the mind, body and soul, Maria supports her clients to reconnect with their roots, restore their relationship with nature, and unlock their ancestral wisdom.

During her years of experience working with families and women, Maria identified a need for empowerment in our society. Whether this is learned or inherited, Maria witnessed too many people, especially women, hand their power over to others in the belief that their innate gifts and ancestral knowledge were not important or good enough.

Maria's calling is to give you the motivation, opportunity and tools to deprogram from these limiting beliefs, to create a vision of the fulfilling, authentic life you desire, and to offer stimulating practices which will help you to create the life you desire.

Maria deeply believes in empowering the self, so while she takes on the roles of facilitator, coach and teacher, her objective is to give YOU the tools and knowledge that you may use time and again, to realign with your true self.

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