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Norman Baldwin

Norman Baldwin

Norman has owned and run businesses for over 40 years. He is the founder and owner of Crystal Heart Books, metaphysical supply stores with three locations, for 29 years. In addition to the stores, Norman is an exceptionally gifted and accurate reader and provides readings to people all over the world. Norman cares most about empowering people and assisting them on their path.

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Crystal Heart Books

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Norman owns two locations for Crystal Heat Books, one in Beaverton, Oregon and the other in Hillsboro, Oregon. He also owns an art gallery in Hillsboro, Oregon. He owns the Crystal Heart Books Metaphysical Supply stores with his husband and fellow speaker/instructor, Scott Vandehey.

You can find jewelry, books, oracle card decks, sage for smudging, incense, herbs, teas, boutique soaps, figurines, singing bowls, chimes, candles and many other items in their stores.

Crystal Heart Books features work from local artists and vendors along with special treasures found from all over the world and beyond.

Scott and Norman are blessed to have an opportunity to serve their community in a powerful and joyful way. They enjoy each day the ability to empower others while growing on their own paths. They love their customers, whether they be what we call our crones ( our over 20 years crowd) or those more newly enlightened beings coming in for the first time. Falling in love with the stores, with their unique - hand selected merchandise, and the overall positive and creative energy is a common experience with their customers. They have chosen to make their customer's shopping experience one to remember. Their loyal customers come back over and over again for years because they enjoy the shopping experience, the camaraderie and wisdom that Norman and Scott share joyfully.

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